actors share reels, industry finds actors

Next #DemoReelDay is March 28, 2018.

#DemoReelDay is a great free way for actors and the people who hire and work with actors to connect; actors work gets seen, and industry finds actors to cast or rep.

  1. actors share reels on Twitter w/ #DemoReelDay
  2. watch & retweet reels
  3. industry hire or rep actors

Actors share reels on twitter with the hashtag #DemoReelDay, then watch and re-share other actors' demo reels: everyone gets their work seen. Guidelines on this page below the video.

Industry (representatives, casting directors, directors and producers) watch actor reels by searching on the #DemoReelDay hashtag. Solve casting needs or fill holes in an agency/management company roster.

New friendships were made, collaborations sparked, and fresh connections forged on the first #DemoReelDay March 29, 2017:

#DemoReelDay was trending by noon, and was trending again later in the day. Industry (agents/casting directors/producers, etc.) watched our reels and engaged.

The last #DemoReelDay was for episodic season, and the next #DemoReelDay is for pilot season. Let me know if I can help you in any way, through acting coaching or any other guidance, and please send me any ideas and suggestions you have,

Thank you!
- David August (@DavidAugust)

Guidelines for #DemoReelDay
on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Help will be here on, or tweet me.
#DemoReelDay was inspired by Kate Marie Davis' #showreelshareday for British actors and industry.

Thank you!
- David August (my site, my twitter)

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